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The first few weeks or years of sobriety feel like you are fighting a war. Although that war is within yourself, it is not short on emotions. It is filled with unexpected shocks, miracles, and disappointments. There are flashes of elation when you are sure victory is in…

Becoming By Striped Egg ( Author’s Own Image

The first weeks and months after I quit drinking I felt naked, exposed, and hyper-sensitized to every emotion and situation. Every reaction I had was forceful and outsized. I was jumpy, restless, and terrified. I wasn’t surprised that this was what sobriety felt like, raw and ugly at times. …

Beyond My Walls By Striped Egg ( Author’s Own Image

Once I made the decision to quit drinking there was a combination of fear, curiosity, and excitement. The road to get to that decision was filled with even more conflicting and overlapping emotions — grief, denial, anxiety, resentment, and hopelessness, but also, at times, motivation and inspiration. I was running…

Give Me Wings By Striped Egg ( Author’s Own Image

The Start

After a challenging few years struggling with addiction and mental illness, I felt as though I was coming out of the tunnel and into the light. My recovery, once gasping for air, was comfortably breathing on its own. I had recently sold my business and felt it was the right…

Musings On Sobriety

I Can Still Feel The Rain By Strippedegg ( Author’s Own Image

I liked who I was when I was drinking. I was fun loving, wild, and irreverent. I said and did things that I would never have done if I were sober. Drinking dismantled my perceived shortcomings and low self esteem. It made me bold and courageous.

When the alcohol hit…

Tip By Striped Egg ( Author’s Own Image

The Broken Yard Stick

Growing up I had a number of alcoholics in my family. They were literally falling-down drunks. Vomiting after dinner parties, prone to arguments, getting DUIs, losing their jobs, homes, and custody of their children. There was endless drunk dialing at all hours of the night. …

Sonia Kahlon

I create self portrait fine art photography and affirmation writings. My images and writings explore the beauty of mental health and addiction recovery

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